Cheap anonymous VPS Hosting

With the ever growing spying and abuse of people’s privacy staying anonymous is critical. With an anonymous VPS host your information stays private so no one will know who you are. You can also boost your privacy by paying in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you’re looking for a solid anonymous VPS host we recommend Packet Point. They are a Canadian located virtual server host that don’t ask for your info when you sign up and they respect your privacy. Their virtual server hosting plans are affordable and start at $1.66 per month.

What can I do with an anonymous VPS?

The best use for an anonymous VPS is freedom of speech. No one will know who you are so you can write and blog about anything without the worry of someone finding you. You can also use an anonymous VPS to run a Tor relay and help 1000’s of people around the globe stay anonymous too!

Is Canada a freedom country?

In Canada freedom of speech is a fundamental freedom according to their charter of rights. They do have restrictions though, hate speech and defamation are now allowed and could lead you to legal trouble.

What is a vps that allow botnets​?

No VPS host will allow you to host a botnet! Botnets are illegal and not very useful anyways – most services have DDoS protection and using a botnet is so 1990’s. Do not even try to host a botnet anywhere as you will just end up in legal trouble.